Galloway Lands to Present Additional Information

The Galloway Lands proposal to the Regional District East Kootenay Electoral Area A to rezone the parcel for Conservation Subdivision, adjacent to Fernie Alpine Resort, was referred back to staff on January 17, 2022. 

The Conservation Subdivision proposal follows globally recognized standards and is a first for the region.  70% of the land is proposed to be under permanent protection and remain in a natural state.   The proposal will permit public access for recreational use on winter and summer trails and generate funds to improve and sustain these trails. 

Bylaws 3102 and 3103 would amend the Official Community Plan and zoning designation of multiple properties to permit the future conservation subdivision.

“While the applicant has presented a detailed plan and offered a number of covenants to provide further reassurance with regard to the development, the Board felt it was premature to move forward to a public hearing without having additional information in several key areas, including road access, wildland and structural fire protection, water and septic, and wildlife corridors,” explains RDEK Board Chair Rob Gay. The lifecycle cost of the development and management of the covenants were also raised as issues by the Board.

Reto Barrington, President of Handshake Holdings Inc., commented,  “Handshake Holdings Inc. will provide additional information and clarity in several key areas, including road access, fire protection, water and septic, and wildlife corridors.

Following months of efforts to engage the various conservation organizations and adjacent landowners, Handshake Holdings Inc. is grateful to finally have the issues defined through the public debate.

We take these issues seriously and will address each of them prior to our next submission.  Our intentions are to serve the community and the environment to the highest standard with absolute transparency and accountability.”

The additional information will be submitted to the RDEK and summaries of this information will be shared online.