We are listening…

It is our goal to have the best plan that blends the social, economic and environmental interests of the community.  

Handshake Holdings has therefore requested additional time for consultation and to make improvements to the application.

We will address the concerns raised at the Planning Committee meeting and in consultation with stakeholders, make amendments to the plan including: 

 • Confirming our commitment to connect to community services, including sewer, water, and fire flow
• Confirming options for alternate access to the property
• Confirming options for ownership management of the park zoned lands
• Requesting revisions to proposed zoning designations to accommodate a higher density with smaller minimum lot size
 • Confirming our commitment to implement all recommendations identified in the B. A. Blackwell & Associates Ltd. report regarding fire safety 

The amended plan would then return to the Planning Committee and seek recommendation for a public hearing this summer. 

We thank everyone for their comments and feedback, and invite you to contact us directly with your questions or concerns.